Locking up and stuck on music file.

I have brand new Fuze that is locking up and is stuck on the music file that came on the Fuze.


 If I try to open the video file the Fuze locks up. If I open the music file that it is stuck on, it will not play. It looks like it is stuck at 01:26 into the song although I have never heard it play. I f I try to open the FM radio it locks up. If I try to use the Select button the Fuze locks up.

When I try to turn off the Fuze, it looks like it is going through a shutdown, but ends up opening the music file that it is stuck on. I have been using the soft reset each time to get out of this. The Fuze will not connect to my computer either no mater what USB mode I try. (Windows XP)

Format the player using the player’s menu. Next change the USB mode on the player’s menu to msc. Connect the player to your pc. Try loading some music on it using windows explorer and see if it works properly after it is disconnected from the pc. If not, then you should try reloading the firmware.

I went through this trying to format…

I turned the unit on. No splash screen, right to locked up song.

Home button and scrolled to SETTINGS.

Pushed SELLECT BUTTON, unit locked up.

Soft reset to get out of that.

Turned on and got to home. Scrolled to SETTINGS and pushed right side of scroll wheel.

This brought me to SETTINGS MENU.

Scrolled to FORMAT.

Pushed SELLECT BUTTON, Locked up.

Soft reset again.

Turned unit onn, same problems. Soft reset again.

NOW…! I don’t know what made me do this, but this time as I turned the unit on I was spinning the

scroll wheel at the same time. UNIT UN-FROZE!

Everything looks to be working ok.

Is there an update to be had from Sansa for this?

It depends what firmware you have. The firmware ending in 28 is buggy, so use the firmware ending in 26. That might already be on your player, but even if it is, downloading it and reliading it on the player might solve your issues. Sometimes the firmware in the player becomes corrupted. Keep a copy on your pc in case you ever need it again.

Thanks for the info.

My firmware version is 26. I downloaded the update wizard and then downloaded the Sansa Media Converter. I loaded a few short videos and it worked well. I did not choose to update the firmware version until I get a little more familiar with the differences between versions 26 & 28.

Thanks for the advise on saving a firmware copy on my computer. Where would I get a copy of  version 26 to save in case I want to update and want to go back?


The previous versions of the Sansa firmware are all here in the forum.  All you need is the firmware build number, and enter it into the “search” box above.

Here’s another really cool trick:  SanDisk maintains all firmwares on the server (now how cool is that!) if you edit the version.  If you click on the link in the latest firmware thread, for version .28, have a look at the file name before clicking on the download button that pops up (press cancel).

Re-enter the same URL as shown in the address line of your web browser, and edit the version number to the one you are looking for.

The original firmware release threads are all here, complete with notes.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: