Help - My sandisk won't play the music I've put on it, but it will play the FM Radio...

Here’s what happened: It was working fine, and had been since Christmas, but then a day or so ago it suddenly stuck on one song. I couldn’t get it to play any others, and the song only played the first five seconds, but when I used the FM Radio that worked just fine. Then, I decided to try my “go list”, which only had two songs in it, neither of which were the song that it kept being stuck on. First there was no difference, but then I turned the Sansa off and back on again, and it seemed to be working fine. However, a few hours later, it got stuck on a song again, but this time at around the 2 minute mark, and when I went to the FM Radio the music wouldn’t actually play, and the dial kept having a slow response when I tried to change the station. I restarted the sansa again, and went to the go list songs, and this time I could change the song amongst three or four songs, but none of them would play, but the FM Radio worked again. I think what the basic problem here is that my music is having trouble playing… I read an older post where someone had a problem like this, but no one really had any sort of solution. Has anything come up recently that might help me? I have the 4 gb fuze version, if that’s necessary to know…

I’d recommend formatting the fuze, and reloading your music.   At the same time update your Firmware.


Settings >> Format >> Yes    (this will erase all your music)

Update your firmware  (See the firmware post at the top of the forum)

Settings >> Reset All >> Yes   (reset your settings to factory default)

Reload your music

If you don’t want to do the above,   You might try deleting the individual files that it locks up on.    But it might not fix the problem.


Try running ChkDsk to look for and fix any potential errors in the files. Also bone up on the ID3 tag info in the linked post. Your problem may have something to do with them. :wink:

Before trying the destructive fixes try a reset first. Slide the on switch up for about 20 seconds