Sansa Fuze frozen, not working even after I reset and charged it.

My Sansa Fuze stopped working yesterday. It remained on with the blue ring lit and I could scroll through menus, but it refused to play any songs. I could click on the desired song, but the || pause bar would not switch to a > play symbol, and the audio did not start. 

I know how to reset it and I did, but the problem is still happening - a reset didn’t help at all. I thought maybe a battery charge would help, but it did not. What do I do?

I just tried looking at my photos on the device - I cannot do that either, I just get a black screen until I click back to the home menu. 


If you don’t have your music, pictures, etc. backed up on your computer, I would do that now. Then format the player and re-load everything. Your Fuze will format itself by going to Settings > Format. This will erase all user-added content, so as I said, make sure everything is backed up first so you can re-transfer it back afterwards.

Before the annoyance (or maybe impossibility) of backing up and reloading, I’d try a firmware reload. It may be that something in the firmware got glitched.

Download the firmware from here:

Download from the All Regions link. If you don’t know whether your unit is 1.x or 2.x, download both.

Unzip the file you’ve downloaded. Connect the Fuze and drag FuzeA.bin onto the driveletter your computer gives the Fuze. Try both version 1 and version 2 if need be–the unit will only load the one it can use.