Sansa Fuze FREEZE at start... need HELP


i have a FUZE (8GB), and a serious problem:

if I start the player, it brings up the company name and the “boot” screen with the four colours… and then it just STOPS. No matter how long i wait… it just f***ing freezes. I can reset it (holding the Powerbutton). But as soon as i restart it, it freezes again. The only way to start it and to actually use it for it’s designated purpose: I have to hook it up to the computer (while been turned off). Then it starts, i disconnect it from my computer, and can access the folder structure (on the system, without my computer).

So… wtf can do? Any1 knows a fix for this problem? Can i just format the player (via pc)? Or can i damage sth that way?

You could try updating the firmware if you haven’t already.


I have tried using different versions of the firmwire. Latest and one before… doesnt make a difference. I would like to completely reset the player… but holding down the power doesnt do sh*t… it only turns of the player… am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to do a “factory reset” of this thing? I am losing my patience…

Yes, you can format it to FAT32 from the PC–whatever driveletter the Fuze is. It will eliminate all files you have added.