fuze not recognized on mac after firmware update

Just got a new 8gb fuze.  Connected it to my Mac, it showed up as a hard drive like it should.  

I updated the firmware to the latest version by dragging the bin file to the root directory.  Disconected the fuze and it finished updating, turned it back on to confirm that indeed it did update to new firmware version.

But now when I connect the Fuze to my Mac it’s not showing up on the Mac.

I tried switching to MSC mode and it made no difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

By the way I tried the suggestion in this thread:  


of adding a microSDHC card (8gb in my case) but did not solve the problem.   

I should also note that the Fuze appears to charge, it’s just not seen by the Mac. 

I’d be very grateful for any help.  I really don’t want to have to exchange this for an iPod.

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