Firmware Update on Mac. Please help.

I searched for a while and found .22 update .zip file for mac. However, I cannot find the latest firmware update .zip file for mac. Could you anyone please give me a link for that? 

Even tried on Windows, but the updater fails. I read many people’s post saying “forget the updater, do manually.” How to do that when I cannot find the update file?

please help me guys. 


another question, some Mp3 files show up on the fuze but don’t play. The fuze skips about 50 files that play fine on the computer. why is that?  

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Have you looked here in the Fuze Firmware Update post?

Just connect in MSC mode to your Mac and you should be fine.

I read it but couldn’t find a link to a zip file for mac? 

The Zip file is not platform-specific. The way I unzipped stuff on my old Mac OS (granted, I was using the ancient OS 9, so it might be different for you) was using the StuffIt Expander. If you do it this way, you should be fine.