How to do a firmware update on a Mac?

Basically, I want to update my new Fuze. I have no idea how to update it on a Mac. I am not so good with computers so could someone who knows how walk me through?

I updated mine a few weeks ago, search for my question I think it was moved to “Firmware Update” section at the top of the forum page.  I can’t remember exactly, but someone helped me with the link.

Thanks I already did some searching, but I guess I can try again. :manhappy:

Edit:  I am not good with computers. I have downloaded the firmware, just how exactly do I open the files? and do I just put it into the Fuze, or one of the folders inside the Fuze thingy?

Edit2: I figured it out on my own. Duh! :smileyvery-happy: It was pretty easy actually. And it looks great. :smiley:

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Glad you figured out how, I had been trying to search to find that thread.  Duh it was here

I couldn’t find the zip file myself, I only could find the .exe file.   

and so did I. Where is that zipfile??