Fuze froze after firmware update

I just updated my Fuze to firmware 1.02.31 and after it downloads to the Fuze and I disconnect I get the “Firmware upgrade in progress” message but it never goes away (waited 2hrs). I reset the Fuze and tried 3 more times with the same results. If I try to turn the Fuze off and back on or reset it and turn it one without being connected to the PC it goes back to the FIrmware updating message.

The old software was version 1.02.28 and the updater says that’s what’s installed when I retry the update.

Before the update the Fuze was working fine.

Any ideas what I might have done wrong and how to get my Fuze working normally again with either version of firmware?


Download the firmware file again. Extract the Fuzea.bin file. That is what you need to drop into the root of the player. Charge the Fuze for a while and try again.

Didn’t solve the problem. I also tried some variations on your suggestion as follows:

For each attempt I made sure the battery was at least 3/4 charged and waited 30min for the Fuze to complete the firmware update.

  1. Your initial suggestion. I deleted the existing fuzea.bin from the Fuze and copied the new one from the zip file.

  2. Delete all files from the Fuze and copied the new one from the zip. After waiting 30min without the firmware update being completed I checked and the basic files and folders had been re-created.

  3. Delete all files from the Fuze, did a reset and the Fuze said it was updating the media. I waited 30min. without the progress bar showing ANY activity. After reseting again to allow connecting to the PC, the basic files and folders had been recreated but the Fuze wouldn’t let me to the main menu when disconnected from the PC, it would just go to updating media and hang.

Any other suggestions to try?



See if you can run an error-check on the player.  If that goes well and finishes, then reinstall the firmware again…

If that doesn’t work, you can try to reinstall the previous firmware (the one you started with).  It may get the player working again.  Do a search for the firmware version that you had and you’ll be able to find the post with the firmware download link and then manually install that and see if the firmware install will go through.

Are you sure you’re installing the correct firmware and/or what version player you have? Sounds like you’re trying to install v1 firmware on a v2 player (or vice-versa).

There’s no way it should take 30 minutes to update the firmware. More like 30 seconds (and even that estimate is generous).

If there’s a memory card in the slot, take it out. This can sometimes hinder the update.

Just to confirm information for all those helping me with my problem…

It is a version 1,  Fuze with 4Gig., (the updater program says it currently has version 1.02.26 firmware). While I normally use the Fuze with an 8Gig card installed, I removed it after the first update failure to make sure it wasn’t part of the problem.

I’ve tried running several PC (Windows XP2) disk error checking utilities and they come up clean. I don’t think it has to do with the 4 Gig user area since deleting and copying files to and from the user area hasn’t had any issues. That implies that the issue has to do with the writing of the internal flash memory that holds the firmware. I’m guessing that whatever happend during my initial attempt to install version 1.02.31 currupted the existing firmware in such a way that it can’t properly install updates or create the user media index.

What it might need is some sort of baseline firmware re-install followed by installing the current user firmware. The only other thing I haven’t tried is to fully reformat the 4gig user area from the PC. While I’m willing to try this if it might help, I don’t think it’s the issue since I haven’t had any problems coping files between the Fuze and my PC neither have I had any problems deleting files/folders from the Fuze.

Thanks to those helping me with my frustrating problem.


The firmware is stored in the first 32MB of the flash chip and not exposed over USB mode, so doing an error check won’t help.  During the update process the old firmware is overwritten with the new .bin file directly.  If that fails everytime, I tend to think its probably something wrong with the flash memory itself, not the software.