Fuze+ freezing at loading screen

I have an 8GB Fuze+ and when I start it up, it gets to the loading screen, tries to load, then just sits there.  I’ve already updated to firmware release 2.38.06.  The unit did seem to install the update, but cannot get past the loading screen.  I can access the files when the unit is plugged into my computer (Windows 7).  Also, I can it turn off (or maybe just put it to sleep) by holding down the power button,  Any suggestions?

I would format the player (clearing the memory), check your files for corruption and proper ID3 tags and re-load.

Is there a way to check the tags that’s quicker than going file-by-file?

MP3Tag is the best dedicated tag-editing program. If the problem is the tag format itself, you can change this ‘en masse’ in one fell swoop by opening up entire folders in the program. But if strange or foreign characters, bloated Comment fields, or humongous album art (all of which can cause issues) are to blame then the only way to edit/correct them is one at a time.

If this behaviour starts after recently loading some new files, then obviously those would be the ones to look at first. That narrows it down some, but it wouldn’t hurt to check all of them. Personally, I check and/or edit every file in MP3Tag before I load them onto my players. That way it only takes minutes, and I’m assured that I don’t have any tag-related problems in the future. :wink:

You can use ChkDsk to check (and sometimes fix) corrupted files.

Ok, instead of nuking the player, I just deleted all of the music, disconnected from the computer, and restarted.  It started up as it should.  Next, I re-added some of the more recently-added music, disconnected, restarted and it locked up.  I went back and deleted the folder that I thought was causing the problem, disconnected, and sure enough, it started up properly.  I’ll look into checking the tags on my other mp3s later.  Foreign characters shouldn’t be the culprit, because some of the first songs I loaded have foreign characters in their names and the player had no difficulty with them.


Sounds like you’re on the right track. Good luck! :smiley: