Can't get past loading screen after I copy songs

I’m having problems with my Fuze+. When I try to copy songs to the internal memory, it copies but I can’t get past the “Refreshing Database” screen, it freezes up. I’ve tried formatting, re-installing the newest Firmware, re-tagging all my songs, no dice. So the question is, did my internal memory get corrupted with the newest Firmware? Is there a way to transfer back to internal memory? Is there a way to restore the internal memory without  having to format? How can I get to the Firmware so I can see if it’s causing the problem? Someone please help! Thanks!

Try leaving at least 500MB free on the internal for the database. I have had similar issues. It would not, unfortunately, always give a clue as to the problem. This worked *sometimes* for me.

I have also had to delete sansa control files a couple of times, but I cannot remember what they were just now. Others have had the issue though, so a Search on this forum may find it.

You mentioned you retagged your files. Did you use a program that allows you to use ISO 8859-1 format tags? If not, that’s what you need to do. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, do a search on these forums for a program called MP3Tag, which should be the answer to your problems.

As for finding/reinstalling the firmware, go to the firmware page at the top of this forum (or click HERE), and follow the “Manual Firmware Update” method.