Fuze doesn't turn off, backlight stays on, and won't connect to the computer.

I had bought a Fuze for my daughter for Christmas and she only used it once or twice. I went to go power it up to add some songs onto it. It came on but only has a blue backlight. Navagation doesn’t come up. It also does not connect to the computer via the USB cord. It did work yesterday but now it’s not. This is only 5 months old and rarely has been used! How do I fix this problem? Is there a way take some kind of battery out of it?

press and hold the power slider up for about 20 sec and that should reset the fuze

This does not work. I held it in for about 1 minute and still nothing…

Well I held it for over 1 minute and it’s now off. Still doesn’t hook to the computer and when it powers back on it still only shows a blue backlight…  Any suggestions?

One more detail is the blue ring now doesn’t light up… This is just a big mess…

It sounds dead. Register it with SanDisk support, and get an RMA for it using the ‘E-Box’ message system.

Click the big SanDisk at the top left & go to the support link.