Fuze All Songs Audio is Clipped / Stutters

Hi All,

Just got the Fuze 4GB player (v02.02.26 ) for my Daughter for Christmas.  I’m loading it up with some songs from the family mp3 collection.

I tried to listen to a sample of the songs to check it out… Every song that I played the quality is very bad / horrible.  Each song clips the sound about every second.  The sound is very stuttered (that is the only way that I can describe it - no offense!)

Is this a known problem?  Is there an upgrade to the firmware?

Many thanks in advance!


The headphone jack on the player is very tight when new, and a small amount of force is needed to get the headphone plug all the way in. It will loosen up a bit over time with wear.

Give the plug a twist as you insert it. And don’t worry–most of us have experienced this with a new Fuze.

Hi All,

Thanks for the confirmation of the symptoms!  I tried a couple of different headsets/earbuds… Then it finally stopped skipping.

I was getting a little scared there for a minute.  The skipping was also on the Radio setting as well…