Fuze skipping when volume turned up regardless of what I'm doing

I just got my 8GB Fuze and love it, except when I turn the volume up past about 3/4, it skips like crazy.  This happens regardless of the headphones I have in (tried 3 pairs) and regardless of the song (happened with the factory-installed songs as well as the ones I added on).

Any ideas??

Hi, I’ve just bought mine today and guess what, skipping exactly same as yours and the sound wasn’t too good either. I messed with two extra sets of head phones and it was exactly the  same. I had one final look before I took the thing back when I noticed that the phone plug was not fully in despite the fact that it sounded and felt like it had clicked into place. Once it was fully inserted the difference was amazing! No skipping and fantastic sound. Hope this helps.

Right. The Fuze has an uncharacteristicly tight headphone jack. You gotta push it in and use some force. It will loosen up as time goes by.