Volume makes music skip??

I have the samsa fuze. I finally figured out that it skips when I put the volume up. Any ideas? Or is it something I have to live with? Sorta lame.

Unplug your headphones and then plug them back in but push REALLY Hard the fuze has a tight headphone jack at first

Ok wow, duh! LOL That did work. I thought I had tried that, but I guess I spazzed.

Happens a lot.

OMG!!!  I’ve been scouring the internet for 2 days looking through all types of suggested fixes and all I had to do was push the jack in all the way.  Duh!!!  Thanks so much for the very simple, yet perfect fix!

Did not work for me.  Not even with different earphones,

You may have a problem with the Jack. Try returning it for a new unit or contact Sandisk tech support on the phone