Sansa fuse and volume and jittering

Hi Again

Just starting to notice right at this moment that when I raise the volume to about 75%+ my music starts to jitter/skip.

I have no Idea why this is going on, it just started!

Any help?


The first thing you should try is reinstalling the firmware.

Download the file from this link.

Unzip the file to someplace you can find it, like your desktop. It  should be a folder with two files. 

Connect the Fuze and open Windows Explorer (which is Computer or My Computer). 

Look for the drive that says Sansa Fuze. Drag the two files from the unzipped folder onto that driveletter. 

When you disconnect, the Fuze will reinstall the software. Then see if if you still have the same problem.

Also, if it is a new Fuze, sometimes music “skipping” is because the headphone plug is not all the way in. The headphone jack is very tight at first. Don’t force anything, but give your headphone plug a twist after you push it in. 

I agree the first thing you should probably do is check to see that the head/earphone plug is seated firmly and completely into the jack. If not completely inserted, this can result in intermittent “clipping”, especially at higher volumes as you describe. Twist the plug while you are pushing on it and see if it won’t go in a bit further.

Is it a new player, or new headphones? Have you tried different headphones? Is this only happening with new songs you have recently added or with all? If it’s only the newer stuff, it could indeed be “clipping” wheich you get with a lot of newer recorded music. You can tone them down to a reasonable level and eliminate (or reduce) the clipping with MP3Gain, provided of course they are .mp3 files.

Thanks to both of you!!

I was a dummy!!, the fuse was just sitting on my desk so I didn’t think but it was the headphone jack not being plugged in all the way. It must have slipped out a little just enough to cause the problem. I just pushed it in all the way and presto!!!