Fuze acting up. Help anyone? D:

um its a 2gb sansa fuze with 1gb micro sd. Latest Firmware ver. too V01.02.26A Computer is running window Xp sp3.

Well it’s not my fuze, my little cousins actually. Anyways hes had the fuze for 4 months now its been fine up to now.
He said it’s been refreshing the data base or w.e randomly for no reason every once in a while and gets annoyed by it.
Just now I was checking what firmware it was running and it refreshed for no reason :-. Any ideas on what’s going on?
I think it’s dieng :[.

upss. forgot to mention, he only uses MSC mode, he never uses MTP or Auto mode. Just threw it out there in case anyone asks.

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Try a soft reset and see if that cures the problem.

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“Soft reset” means to hold the power switch in the up (“on” ) position for 15-20 seconds, btw.

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I tried a soft reset nothing. I did something I thought might help though. I noticed he had some songs in his SD card and took it out and it stopped refreshing. Which was weird. I put the SD Card in my fuze, it refreshed once. I turned it offf and back on and didn’t do it on mine again.

BUT now…the holy blue light on MY (not his) fuze stopped working :[ Maybe its cuase its low battery on red…i’ll try recharching it see if it goes back on…

anyways i’ll keep updating here to see if his fuze keeps refreshing…i think he might have a song in the sd thatgs messing it up or something.

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@greed wrote:
i think he might have a song in the sd thatgs messing it up or something.

That would be my 1st guess.