1.02.26 breaks 8GB Fuze?

Hey all,

Just plugged in my Fuze to charge, and it told me about a new firmware update, with some nice features. I installed it, and now my Fuze consistently hangs during the “scanning for new media” part of the boot. It seems to have reset the player to the stupid Windows Media mode instead of normal USB mass storage mode, which may have something to do with it. No amount of hard rebooting the player, with or without my 8GB memory card inserted, fixes it.

Is anyone else seeing this problem, or have any ideas on how to fix it?

My experience was painless. Only small issue was it defaultet back to MTM not MSc, otherwise no issues

2GB Fuze and 8GB microSDHC

are you sure it is freezing? large libraries take much longer to build the database in MSC mode. 

Not 100% sure I guess, but the progress bar never moved in like 10 minutes. I’ll leave it on that screen for an hour and see if it gets anywhere. :wink:

@timn wrote:

My experience was painless. Only small issue was it defaultet back to MTM not MSc, otherwise no issues


2GB Fuze and 8GB microSDHC

All that happened were the usual things…custom EQ erased, radio presets erased, and USB mode switched to Auto-Defect. All these are easily fixed though:wink:

I installed the firmware manually and haven’t noticed any issues.  After the fuze updated, I switched the mode back to MSC before plugging it into my computer.

So far, with the rev.1 Fuze, my only abnornmality was a swap to 12hr versus 24hr clock.  I prefer 24h.

Otherwise, smooth as a gravy sandwich!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

@neutron_bob wrote:

So far, with the rev.1 Fuze, my only abnornmality was a swap to 12hr versus 24hr clock.  I prefer 24h.


Otherwise, smooth as a gravy sandwich!


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I forgot about that one Bob…same here! Plus mine was 4 minutes slow as compared to my cell phone…23:32 and all’s well!:smiley:

Nope. Left it on for ~50 minutes, progress bar never moved past 1/8th done. Uggg.


I see that your refresh database issue happens with the µSD card inserted or removed, yes?

Let’s see if we can get to the root of the problem.  First, remove the card for the time being.  Do you use MSC mode?

Plug in your Fuze, and open a Windows Explorer window via [Windows Key] + E.

Does the Fuze appear under devices with removable storage?  Make a note of the drive letter assigned to your device, and use this drive letter to run chkdsk on your Fuze, in hopes of finding a glitch in one of your music files.  Usinf this letter, you can run chkdsk from a command prompt, but I’m feeling impatient.

Right click on the Fuze, in MSC mode, ansd select properties , then click on the tools tab.  Select check volume for errors , and then automatically fix file system errors.

Then “safely remove” the Fuze from the taskbar icon.

See if it responds normally.

You have a few options at this point, formatting from Windows, then use the device’s format option, as this will ensure the cluster allocation is correct; or while you’re connected, you could have a look at the ID3 tags on your music using MP3Tag.  Hangups during database refresh often happen due to bad tag data.

Let me know of your findings.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hey bob,

Yeah, it doesn’t matter if the card is in or out, it does the same thing. I normally use MSC mode (if that’s the usb mass storage mode, not the windows media mode), but like I said, the firmware update has switched it back to the windows media mode. I can’t get into the Fuze menus to switch it back to MSC, because it keeps locking up, and because it’s not in MSC mode, it has no drive letter and I can’t run chkdisk on it.

Plus, none of my audio files show up under the windows media mode, because they were all loaded in MSC mode, so I can’t even remove them in the hopes that it is just a bad tag issue.

Any ideas on how I can get the device to reformat itself when I can’t get it to boot? :frowning:


I can also report issues with the latest firmware.  I have an 8GB FUze and 8GB sd card, about 1000 flac files all correstly tagged using MusicBrainz Picard.  Since the update the Fuze has “stuck” at refreshing the library, and when I say “stuck” I mean 4 hours stuck.

This error is replicated with either the sd card in or out. 

As the firmware update has switched the device to MTP mode I cannot even access the Fuze to remove, reformat or fsck etc.

I’d really appreciate some suggestions.  Has the firmware bricked my Fuze?  Oh, I should mention that I use Linux so Windows solutions while interesting may not be possible.

  See this is the kind of stuff that keeps me from updating the firmware right away! I think what Bob said to do was to check disk using windows tools then format in windows…Do a soft reset then go into your fuze settings and format the fuze again from within then unit itself…  You must do this to allocate the right Fat size, 32 bit… George

Thanks George-W (I think that’s the first time I’ve ever said that!)

Booted up a Virtualbox copy of XP and followed your instructions, worked in that it boots, now to add some music.

Any ideas why this crash?

Your welcome!  Just a corrupt file or cluster… Not so different then a computer…  Hope all is well for you now and you can enjoy your music!!  George

Ok, so how do I do the chkdisk and format in windows when it’s in MTP mode, since it doesn’t have a drive letter, and doesn’t show up under the disk management pane of the computer manager?


I know that there is a way to force that mode with a button press while connecting the unit but I don’t remember just how it’s done. Sorry!! I’m sure someone will jump in and help you out!!  George

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Having just done this.  The device shows up as Sansa Fuse, open it and you should see a drive, right click format.

I am curious as to why some pc’s have trouble with the fuse and what mode it needs for what. My fuse has been set to auto mode since I got it. all firmware updates keep it on auto. when I plug in the fuse, it shows up in windows as a pic of the actual fuse player and when you click on it you see your internal/external drives. I sometimes just drag and drop music or podcasts on the drives, and sometimes I load media monkey (I used to use yahoo jukebox before it was killed by rhapsody) and sync files that way. all music and pod casts are visible at all times and only now that we have folder view do I see my podcasts are under the mtp folder on the fuse interface. So for me it all seems to work as it was intended in auto mode, Maybe some body could explain better why you need to change the auto setting.

4gig black fuse v1/ 8 gig microsd 100mb free

windows xp home sp3

flac ogg mp3 formats mixed

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You’d want to change the mode because MTP mode (the windows media mode) doesn’t let you manage your files properly, and doesn’t work with all audio formats. I have most of my music in Ogg Vorbis format, and the Fuze doesn’t recognize it properly in MTP mode.

Plus, MTP only works on Windows machines. Mac or Linux (which I use both of in addition to my Windows desktop) both break with MTP.

MTP is only used if you need to put DRM-encrusted files on your music player, and since I will never, ever buy DRMed music, that’s just another downside to it for me.