Sansa Fuze Problem

I read through the posts and did not find this problem anywhere. Maybe someone will know. I have had the Fuze 4gb for about 3 months now and take great care of it. It stays in case and never gets wet. I tried using it today and when I turned it on it looks dimmer than normal. I then try to push any button and the display goes out (5 seconds) but the blue light on the dial stays lit. If I move the wheel up or down, it does move but as soon as I touch it the screen turns off for 5 seconds and I see where the wheel has taken me. Once I get to where I want, it will then play songs for me after some stuggling and waiting 5 seconds each time to see if that is really where I want to be. I have tried installing newest firmware manually a couple times and tried hard reset - hold switch on/press and hold left arrow and plug in connector. Nothing seems to work. I am beginning to think the unit is just bad. I lost my receipt so hopefully Target may exchange it. Any thoughts or comments?

Brian J

do you have the latest firmware?

According to Sandisk, I do have the latest firmware.

Let me rephrase from my paragraph above. I have manually installed the latest firmware successfully twice and still no luck.

Sounds like your Fuze is having hardware issues.

I’d call 1-866-SANDISK and explain the Fuze’s strange behavior.  It sounds like your device may need to be replaced.

Bob :wink: 

Okay, I went to Target today and told them I did not have the receipt and they looked it up through my debit card and low and behold they found it. Gave me an instant refund and I turned around and got the same Sansa Fuze 4GB (I do like the way it runs) I am home now with tons of music loaded and this time I think I will not upgrade the firmware unless I run into a problem. It has V01.01.07A. Now it is in Target’s hands and they can send it back to Sandisk and Sandisk can fix it and sell it as a refurb. Thanks Target, and those who gave their advice.