Fuze Click Wheel

Hi, I am having a problem with my scroll/click wheel on a 4gb Fuze. The wheel seems to work at random. When the unit is first turned on it does not work, but a few minutes later it does work. I have noticed if it is connected to my computer, upon removal it always seems to work. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

If this problem is persistant (happens all the time) and you haven’t spilled a Coke on it or done anything yourself to cause it, I’d return it to place of purchase for exchange or contact SanDisk directly for an RMA# ( R eturned M erchandise A uthorization).

This isn’t something that can be fixed, and it most certainly won’t get any better with age. :wink:

If it’s connected to the computer it won’t work, unless it’s in a dock.  If you can’t see the screen where it lists, music, photo, etc., then it’s not going to be usable.  I’m sure you understood and and I just misunderstood… but just wanted to make sure it was clear.

yes make sure the wheel is clean, if not there is another post on cleaning them.

And it may be defective if after the welcome flash screen it doesn’t let you choose music or radio or whatever.  Mine works immediately. 

Do you have it in a plastic case?  or other proective material when trying to use the scroll wheel?  how about a silicon case?  mine is in a silicon case and the scroll wheel is harder to use then when it’s out of it, but not impossible and works fine.

Thanks for the replies, I have contacted Sandisk and I am trying to get this issue resolved. The wheel seems to be clean. I have not spilled anything on it. I will read the post on cleaning it and try that. I have also upgraded the firmware (did not help). Thanks again.

Good. SanDisk stand behind their products 100% (and sometimes and little more than that) so you should be able to get a replacement. The only downside is the amount of time it takes. And some of this time is without your player. You must first send in your player. Then SanDisk checks it out to verify it IS defective, then they will send you a replacement.

It’s usually much easier & quicker to deal with wherever you bought it from, if that is an option. If not, then you’ll just have to be patient. :wink: