Is this acceptable?

I have a 4Gb Fuze and just purchased an 8Gb one.  On the 8Gb model the scrolling wheel is loose, in other words it has a slight rocking motion whereas the 4 Gb model is solid to the touch.  Another way to describe it is that if I gently tapped the wheel it makes a clicking sound (this is way before enough pressure is applied to make it go into select mode).  Should I be concerned that it appears loose or should I go through the hassle of an exchange?

call sansa for RMA

If its new I would exchange it. It could get worse over time, you never know.

If you bought it locally, take it back and get another one. If it’s past any return policy by wherever you bought it from, then SanDisk will replace it under the 1 year warranty, but that procedure can sometimes take weeks! So if possible, it’s always best to see if you can exchange it through the dealer or place where you bought it. Even if it was bought on-line at like Amazon or Newegg or and you have to pay shipping back to them, it’s a small price to pay to get it replaced sooner. And if you stress that it’s not your fault it was defective, they may re-imburse you for the shipping costs. :wink:

Pretty much what I thought, but didn’t want to hear!