my sansa fuze 4GB,
i have WINXPSP2 and all the reccomended spec for this mp3 player.but,every time i plug it in it says found new hardware,then says it may not be working correctly and that is it,in device manager there is the ! mark next to mass storage device,i really do not know what to do.ive tried pretty much everything…the firmware updater doesnt work properly as the usb problem is conflicting with it,changing it to MSC doesnt do much…i have WMP11 and the sync doesnt come up with any mp3 player,in my computer there is no sansa disk drives or anything like that…

please PLEASE help as it was a great present from a friend and really want it to work =/

Try this helpful suggestion from fellow Sansa Guru and all-around nice guy, Neutron_bob.