My 4GB Sansa Fuse won't work at all!!

i got a sansa fuse 4gb player that won’t come on, won’t reset, won’t format, won’t update firmware, and can get forced into msc mode (only to appear as a driver with no memory or space, but comes up as 4.03 MB when attempting to format it). i need a solution to it because nothing i’ve seen or tried is working at all and i really don’t feel like buying a new one!

Is it new or have you had it a while and this just recently developed? If it’s under warranty, I’d see about getting SanDisk to replace it. If it’s out of warranty, it doesn’t sound good; you’ll probably have to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

Pretty much you’ve done every step in the books. I can only assume that this is a hardware failure. 

Happy shopping though.