Frozen sansa clip +

hey everyone…

I just got my sansa clip + today and after putting music on it my MP3 Player frozen while saying “Writing” on the screen… The player will not turn off nor on… what do I do to get it up in running again… anyone with info please help me…


If anyone has any info on this problem please let me know… plus now when I plug it into my computer’s USB port my computer is not recognizing the MP3 player… please give me some advice of whatnot…


Did you try holding the power button down for more than 20 seconds to reset the player?

Leave it discharge then re-charge it, should work after.

He sent me a private message saying that holding the power button down solved the problem.

Letting the player intentionally discharge while it is stuck in place might not be a good idea, as the battery gauge might not be functioning properly then, and running the battery too low might damage it. If a player is new, it would be a good idea to run the battery down to around 20% or so for one or two charge cycles before charging it. The battery indicator might not be properly calibrated on a new player though, but running the battery down(not too far though) will help make the battery indicator more accurate. Initially the player might turn itself off before reaching the 20% mark indicated by the battery meter.