Frozen on "Transferring" screen

My new ZipClip is frozen with the message “Treansferring” showing.  Attempting a power off or a reset (per manual) has no effect.  Suggestions?

How long did you hold the power button down for?  Sometimes, it can take up to a minute.

Is this following your first connection to the computer?

First, the Clip Zip will not respond to control inputs while plugged in to the USB connection.  With the device connected, if the “transferring” message remains, the device has frozen for some reason.  Press and hold the power button to reset the device, after unplugging from the USB port .

This can take up to 30 seconnds (sometimes, the reset happens faster).  The device will turn off.  Then try powering up again, or simply plug back in to the USB port.

The device will briefly show “transferring” as the PC establishes a connection, and it should then give you a “connected” message on the display.

Did this work for you?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

I’m having the same issue and I have allowed for the full time. I’ve no mem card in the slot, and it was the first time I connected it to my computer too. I had a full charge before and all was well before the firmware update. After however It would not charge and thus on the second attempt to connect and add an audio book and an album’s worth of songs the thing froze. I have fully reset the divice multiple times. I’ve redone the firmware in fear that it was corrupt. This was a real pain as I am using Mac. Like I said before I allowed for time to reset time to charge and time to transfer. Instead after hours of waiting its still frozen. I’ve even gone through a wall charger and other usb connections just to satisfy the trouble shooting side of things. And now I feel like I’ve kill the already dead horse. Please help.


Once the same thing happened with me and I hold the button for 30 sec and finally it waorked for me.Now suppose after holding the button if it does not work then what to do