Freezing On Transferring Your Media : Clip Zip+

Hi all,

Recently purchased a Clip Zip + after hearing of its good reputation and my previous mp3 player demise with high expectations.  Unfortunately I have a very frustrating problem a freeze occurs at the transferring your media stage (it gets to about 10% and stops) have to perform a reset to turn off (tried resetting many times but to no avail). 

Later I contacted support directly who suggested the firmware needed updating - got the file stored it within the player…its possible that its in the wrong place I dont really understand the root file term.

Aplogies if I havent included adequate information or clarity.I would really appreciate if someone could shed light on my problem

The ‘root directory’ is where you open up your player in Windows Explorer (preferably in MSC mode) and see the folders Music, Recordings, Playlists, Sport, Audiobooks, etc. and a few files. This is your root (or top) directory. Manually drag & drop (or copy & paste) the unzipped .bin (firmware) file here, but not in any on the folders; just aim for a blank space and release your mouse button.

Having said that though, I don’t think this is your problem. I would suspect that it lies somewhere with one (or more) of your files. Try sending a few over at a time, up-plug and see if they transfer OK. If and when it hangs up again, you know your problem child is in that bunch. :wink:

Let us know if you have any other problems.

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