Frozen Clip

Love my Sansa Clip but out of the blue it was blank , tried holding on button up…no luck…tried holding button down in lock position while holding middle button and connecting  to computer…no luck…Computer does not acknowledge connection. Completely dead. Help I like it to much to toss it

At the worst, it’s covered by warranty and SanDisk should replace it.  I would contact customer service.

Ok. My sandisk sansa clip is doing the same thing. Well it powers on, but the welcome screen only shows as if it is frozen on it. I tried doing the 20 second power holding thing… it just turned off after 5 secs as usual when powering down. Nothing happened special. My computer does not recognize the device. And I have tried it on Vista and XP. I do not have proof of purchase.

Am I stuck?

I would try leaving it charging for half a day/a day and then see if that helps.  It seems to, sometimes.