Clip Frozen

Ok, here’s what happened. My clip was working perfectly fine, I was enjoying it, so on so forth. I plugged it into my Vista laptop to put songs from my clip onto my laptop. Worked fine.

My friend wanted the same songs. She had a mac. I plugged it in, went to the connecting screen, it went to some “writing” screen, and it got unplugged. Then it went to the refreshing database screen…and ever since then, I can only power up my clip, and it stays frozen on the power up image that says “SanDisk” sansa.

Any help?

Computer doesn’t recognize the device, but the device powers up when it’s plugged into the USB port. It says “Unknown device” in the device list.

I am currently using Windows XP on this computer.

Let me know what you can do! 

"Try pushing and holding the power Sw on and wait 60 seconds.

If that dosent work, try this:

Before plugging it into a PC, put the power switch on “hold”, and press and hold the main select (center) button. 

Then plug it into the PC.  It’s an awkward motion but it may get the device to be recognized by the PC.

Then, right click on the device under My Computer and format it.

See also this thread:

If ou get it working, update the firmware before using it.

Hope this helps

Happy Trails "

That got it working. Thanks to whoever posted that. :)