Help me please clip froze on start up screen.

My Sandisk Clip Mp3 froze on the start up screen I hvae had it for a good 5months and hav ahd no problems with it until today. I restarted it by holding up the power button for 10sec. and then got the firmware download. Now my computer is saying it doesn’t reconize the hardware and it has malfunction but then about 2mins later it says it found the sandisk and its ready to use but then I unplug it and it says problems occuered during installation and the newhardware might not work properly now its not freezing but I turn it on and it says not enough spce for music MB please free 30 MB . Sow hat can I do please help.  

You will need to reformat your clip.

But first you need to connect in MSC mode to the PC.

First reboot the pc.

Thenk Power off the clip and set the hold swtich to lock.

Press and hold the center button and connect to the PC with the USB cable  (this will connect in MSC / recovery mode)

Next find the Sansa Clip volume on the PC and right click and format it.

Then , disconnect the clip and try to reboot it.  Then go to settings>format> select yes  (does a device level format).

Now you can connect to the PC and try transferring your content to the device again.