freezing 1 second into track?

i’ve had my fuze for a couple months now and have been very happy thus far. last night, i deleted some stuff off of it and uploaded some other stuff (via mediamonkey). i left the fuze plugged in over night to charge. when i woke up this morning, the screen was blank but illuminated. unplugged the USB connection and it remained so. i then turned it off, then back on. it seemed to boot okay, told me it was refreshing media, so i thought it was fixed.

when i got to work, it started playing normally. but after a couple tracks, it stopped playing 1 second into the next track. it won’t skip tracks or advance in the track. i can access menus, tell it to play a different track, etc. but still won’t play unless i reboot. then it starts all over again. i’ve tried the soft-refresh (hold the “ON” button for 10 seconds) but that didn’t work either.

any thoughts what might have happened overnight to cause the blank illuminated screen? i assume whatever it was is linked to this issue.

i am running the most recent firmware.

Next time you have the Fuze plugged in to your home PC, check out the last transferred music files for problems.  It sounds like the Fuze might have an issue with the last transfer.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

i watched all files transfer via mediamonkey, and no error came up. after transfer, it went back to it’s “connected” screen. that’s when i left it to charge.

The problem may be within those last files transferred.  Halting in the beginning of a file playback is characteristic of a file corruption.  Try playing a file that was loaded at an earlier date, and see if playback resumes normally.

On the Fuze, select MSC mode prior to connecting with your PC and run chkdsk on the Sansa drive letter that is assigned upon connection.  If the device connects as drive E, for example, from a command prompt- chkdsk E: /f  will be your command string.  Let the chkdsk utility locate and repair any errors found.

Give it a try, and remember that the problem may reside in those most recent songs.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: