Fuze Randomly Stops playing and stuck in black screen.

while i was listening to my fuze. i changed songs and it played the song for 2 seconds and now it’s stuck in a black screen with the blue LED lights on. it wont shut off and its not recongnized by my PC anymore. so i have no idea what to do. is it broken?

some notes- 

i have no dropped it

i have never gotten it wet

it was working perfectly last night

Reset you Fuze by holding the power switch up for maybe 40 - 50 seconds, just hold the switch until the blue light goes off. It should then turn on normally. 

Try the song it was playing when it stopped, to see if it happens again (there may be a problem with that file), but when this has happened to me, it’s just been a random glitch.

This has happened to me twice now trying to listen to Audiobooks. The first time I thought the device was broken and exchanged it for a new one. I just got it last week.

I tried listening to the same audiobook on my OC and the track playes fine. I tried on the Fuze again last night and it froze and stuck in the black screen.

Help!! Anyone?

The problem is just like mine.  I have an audiobook that has an error in the file.  It locks up because it won’t get by the error. 

Here is what I did to make sure.  I played the file again.  Got the same hangup.  I then placed the file thru a converter and had it recode the file.  Nothing big just washed it thru the converter.  Played the file on both and played fine.

Seems the Fuze is freezing due to something in the Codec that is hard in the system.  You would think the player would just burp and get past the portion of the file but it doesn’t.

I also played the audiobook in my Sony Walkman.  It played fine both original and washed version.

My Sony Walkman doesn’t give me as much trouble as my Fuze but I do like my Fuze