Fuze freezes while listening to music

I’ve had the Fuze for two weeks now, and apart from some minor things I’d change, it has so far worked almost perfectly.

I say almost, because during that time I have already had 3 instances of a weird freezing of the player.

When listening to music for a longer period of time, the player suddenly stopped playing and freezed. As the screen turns off after a few seconds I thought that for some reason the device itself has turned off. But it was not the case, as I could clearly hear a quiet buzzing sound through my headphones, as opposed to complete silence when the player is actually off - the sound was also loud enough to notice, which is not the case when you plug the headphones while nothing is being played and the fuze is on.

There was no reaction to any buttons. Needless to say, the battery was far from empty (almost full, as far as I remember). I had to restart the player by holding the power switch for a few seconds - it did start up. But then there was another indication of a freeze - the media library had to be updated, my screen brightness settings have changed and the audiobook progress was recorded a few minutes before the shutdown. 

The first time it happened nothing was being played. It happened for the second time while I was listening to some music, and recently - during audiobook playback. So I guess its pretty random. Battery was well charged in all cases.

It’s not something frequent, actually I decided not to write about it until it occured for the 3rd time. The main setback of this is that the library has to be updated, which takes some time, as we know.

I have the latest firmware installed.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Well, it seems ‘all the usual suspects’ are in the clear on this one, if it has happened with nothing playing and an audio book too. Normally, it’s a corrupted file or bad ID3tag that causes this behavior.

Just to make sure, I’d run ChkDsk as a precaution and keep an eye on it if it happens again. Make note of what it’s doing, or playing at the moment it freezes. The fact that it does a database refresh after the ocurance bothers me, though. It’s like it completely loses it’s ‘memory’ and has to go through ‘re-training’ again on start-up.

I’m sure we’ll hear from others if they have run into this, possibly after the last firmware update. But you may have a ‘bum’ unit.

This is what worries me ;/ 

Give her a Format,  from the players UI and start over with some fresh content.  its worth a try.

I’ll certainly do it if it happens again.

Thanks for help!