Fuze Froze

My Fuze is only a couple of days old and I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to figure out how it works - can’t seem to play any sound - radio, downloaded audiobooks, nuthin’ - through earphones, vehicle, or computer speaker - and now it has totally frozen up.  Can’t even shut it off.

OK, I held the power switch up for about sixty seconds and it finally shut down.  Now it’s back on and the computer recognizes it again, and it shows the appropriate amount of memory used up for the audiobooks I downloaded - but the downloaded audiobooks are nowhere to be found.  I’m going to return it to amazon for a refund.

There are 2 usb modes that the player connects to the computer in. It defaults to Auto mode which means your computer picks based on how you connect and what you do. There is MTP which is used for media with licenses like your audiobooks, and there is MSC which is used for media with out licenses. If you connect in one mode you cannot find media added in the other mode. Its all there, you just cant see it.

Duh. But the audiobooks I downloaded to the Fuze were showing up before, but now when I connect it to the computer they’re not, so how do I get back the usb mode that shows them, like before?

This is the first MP3 player I’ve had so maybe I’m doing something stoopid, but why can’t I hear anything through the earphones, vehicle speaker, or computer speaker - though I did hear about one second of sound coming through the vehicle speaker at one point before it went silent again, so something must have been temporarily alive and connected in there.

Anyway, I’ve got the return paperwork from Amazon so back it goes tomorrow.  Either it’s a lemon or I’m too stoopid to work it.


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Manually select MTP mode; don’t rely on the Auto Defect setting. This is in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode.

Try pushing the headphone plug a little harder into the jack (and maybe twisting it at the same time). The Fuzes come with an especially tight jack out of the box. This may be why you’re not getting any sound. Also (and this is not intended to be an insult), rotate the scroll wheel clock-wise while the song or radio is supposed to be playing. This controls the volume.

Thanks, Tapeworm, but the jacks are in as hard as they can go and the rotating dial-volume thing was pretty obvious but still no sound, except for a one second burst yesterday, so back it goes to Amazon. I see a thread here about Zune HD.  Maybe it will suit me better.