My fuze has wiped off over 3/4 of my music and now it ‘unplugs’ itself from the computer… like its plugged but it ‘unhooks’ itself and says its disconnected from computer… anything I can do to fix it?

What USB mode are you using? MTP or Auto Defect sometimes will do this. I prefer the simplistic approach of MSC mode. Your player looks like any other flash-based storage device to your computer.

Nada problemos. :stuck_out_tongue:

 You can also try to connect it in other USB port, and you can check the USB mode and change it to USB by system settings of the player and seleting the USB Mode option and select USB and connect it to your computer.  :wink:

There are two USB modes: MSC and MTP.  Under USB Mode in Settings, the Fuze also shows Auto-Detect, which goes to MTP mode first and activates Windows Media Player when you connect. 

MSC works like a flash drive, manually. 

MTP goes through Windows Media Player. If you have WMP set to Auto-Sync, it’s going to try and make your Fuze match what’s on your computer (in the WMP library). If you took the songs off your computer after putting them on the Fuze–oops! WMP also takes them off your Fuze to match the computer. How very helpful that is…

If you really love using Windows Media Player, then you need to connect the Fuze, go into Tools and Settings on WMP and look under Sync. Turn off everything Auto.