Computer doesn't recognize Fuze!

I know there are several threads about computers not recognizing the Fuze, but nothing seems to work for me.

I have tried every possible way of fixing it but I’ve not been successful.

I have like 3 months with my Fuze, I had it replaced because the other Fuze before this one suddenly stopped being recognized by the computer and all my songs got deleted. There was no way that I could sync any more music in it. 

Now this “new” Fuze that I have is not recognized by any computer I plug it to. I’ve used two different USB cables, three different computers: Windows Vista, Win2000 and Win98, many different USB outlets, and it still won’t work. The only thing it does is charge the battery. 

I have Windows Media Player 11, I’ve always used it to sync music in my Fuze since the disk that came with it couldn’t install Rhapsody in Windows Vista.

I’ve been only able to put music in it by using a micro-SD card, but my MP3 player hasn’t worked. I’ve tried everything I’ve found here. I downloaded the hotfixes in the support page, I’ve switched to MTP and MSC mode and auto-detect mode and none of them work. I reset it, and forced the MTP (i think) by switching on hold and pressing the rewind button; nothing works. 

Is there any other way I can make my computer recognize it? Or should I just replace it again?

I’ve read that some tried formatting the player, but I don’t want to take the risk because it will erase my music and then I won’t be able to sync anymore. 


This is also happening to me.

I have a laptop with Vista Home and a Laptop with XP.  My Fuze worked like a charm for almost 6 months.  Now when I plug it in, my pc does not recognize it at ALL.  I have 2 Fuze players (4GB) and am using the SanDisk cable that came with the devices.  Still no dice.  I am able to use my wireless mouse and my flash drive so I don’t believe it is the USB Port.  I have tried all 3 ports to no avail.

This is so frustrating!  This is my 3rd fuze that I have had to take back and get a replacement.  what a joke!  Time to go to a new provider or something.  Sad thing is that these weren’t cheap devices…They work like they are disposable hardware.

Please help me or respond to this if you have encountered the same…



How are you trying to connect, in MTP or MSC mode? Did you recently update the firmware? That will reset the player back to factory defaults which is Auto Defect Mode. You may want to try manually changing the settings in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode. Auto defaults to MTP if possible, but can go back and forth between the 2 depending on what computer it’s being connected to, the weather, or gravitational shift in the planet’s axis. Just kidding, but suffice it to say, you can’t depend on it to be anything but undependable.

MSC mode makes your player look to your computer like any other storage device (like a thumb drive, for instance), so little protocol is needed to make a data connection. MTP on the other hand, is much more complicated and this mode is usually the one that causes connections issues as the computer ‘sees’ a portable music device that must be ‘managed’ with drivers, Windows Media Player and so forth.

Unless you use Rhapsody or listen to DRM-encrypted audiobooks or something else like that, you don’t need (or want to use) MTP mode. Try switching to MSC and see if things improve. :smiley:

Yes, thank you, this solved my problem.  I switched to MSC, it’s in the “Settings” then “Systems Settings”

then “USB Mode” folder on the Fuze. 

That solved the problem and it recognizes my audio books as well.  My desktop recognized my fuze in

the MTP, but my laptop did not.  Go figure.  But as soon as I switched to MSC, my laptop recognized it.

Thank you, again for relieving my frustration.