Sansa Black Screen

I love my sansa and before I give up on it I want to see if anyone has had or heard of my problem.

Sunday I hooked it up to my computer and deleted all my music in my play list.  It was fully charged and the screen was operating perfectly I could see it charging the battery no problem.  I unplugged it and Ive not been able to get it to turn on properly.  Ive held the menue button down fifteen seconds in order to reset it and still nothing.  The screen still works because when I turn it on in powers up with the San Disk name and then goes away to a black screen.  Also when I plug it into my computer it will show the blue light around the wheel but thats it.  My computer is not seeing it plugged in.

I hope someone can help this has been the most reliable MP3 player ive ever owned.

Still hoping someone replies that can help.

Tonight I stuck a 512mb micro sd car in and wala my screen came on and it Has a message and green bar saying:  updating database and then went black again.  The blue wheel stays lit the entire time until i power it down.

Please help if you can

Try connecthing the player to your computer, then formatting the player under disk management (if you’re using windows), then download the appropriate firmware for your player from this thread. Make sure you pick the right one, depending on if you have a V1 or V2 fuze. You can check this by opening up the file ‘version.sdk’ (you’ll find it in the top folder of the fuze) in any text editor. Unzip the file, put it in the top folder of your fuze, then disconnect the player. It’ll install the new firmware, and hopefully it should be as good as new after that.

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Holding the power button for 15 seconds isn’t a hard & fast rule. Sometimes it will take as few as 5-7 seconds, but I’ve also heard of it taking up to 30-40 secs. You might try holding it longer. If you have the earphones connected and it’s really quiet in the room, you can hear a faint click through the earphones when it resets.

Holding the menu button for a soft reset is normal for the e200 series- the Fuze method is via the power slider switch.  I have had the fuze respond to the home key once while fiddling about, but that was a different situation.

I agree, reapplying a new copy of the firmware is the next thing to try before checking into a replacement device.

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You don’t say, but, since you put your messages in the Fuze forum, presumably the Sansa you refer to is a Fuze. If it is a Fuze , have you tried holding the Hold/Power switch in the up position, i.e., towards the screen and away from the word Hold, for at least 30 seconds? I think that’s how you’re supposed to reset the Fuze. But check the manual if you haven’t already.

If it turns out you don’t have a Fuze and you posted in this forum by mistake, try reposting in the correct forum. But if you do have a Fuze , it might be helpful to tell us what version it is.