Black Screen of Death?

My 6 month old Fuze (4gb) gave me the black screen of death this morning.  It tried to start up and then just died.  I tried to revive it by pushing both of the buttons for 20+ secs (this worked several weeks ago when this happened) and that did not help.  It will not power up when hooked up to the USB so I cannot try to update the firmware (I bought the Fuze in Aug 09 and have never updated the firmware) which appeared to be another suggestion from a previous post.  Any other suggestions or am I doomed to buy a new player? :cry:

Try a proper reset. Push the spring-loaded power switch on the side to the uppermost position and hold it there for 20 secs. Release, then slide it back up momentarily to see if ti will start up normally. If nothing changes, try a longer reset, up to 30 secs, but usually this brings it out of whatever funk it got itself into. :smiley:

Thanks it worked.

Saa - weet! :smileyvery-happy: