Formatting Express ? (Sorry)

I’m slowly making what I think may be some progress to getting my new Express finally working.

The Express device now lights up and battery indicator blinks to indicate charging when it is plugged into computer. Screen show picture of device and crazy dog thing.

The Express is also visible in the Device Manager and Device status says it is “working properly”.

Should it be in the Device Manager under the Disk drives/

Should there be 2 Express listed?

In the My Computer folder, it is listed as a Device with Removable Storage not as Sansa Express but as a “Removable Disk”.

Dragging and dropping music files is not successful. Error message says "The disk in Drive E is not formatted.

Do you want to format it now?"

When I click “yes”, 2nd error message says “The disk in Drive E cannot be formatted.”

Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

I am I just wasting my time chasing this down?

The unit will not power up when removed from computer. I’ve tried updating firmware, soft reset, hard reset, but am willing to try anything else.

Suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

The Express is a MTP device. The MTP drivers are part of WMP. You will need WMP 10 or 11.


If you have WMP, the Express should show up in “My Computer” as  “Sansa Express”. Under “Device Manager” it should be under “Portable Devices”.


If yours is showing up as two drive letters, then it appears that it is connecting in MSC mode. The second drive letter is for the micro SD card slot.