MicroSD - "Disk is not formatted" after taking it out of sansa express

Heres my problem.

I have a 1gig kingston microSD card.

I use a card reader and add songs to the card.

I insert the card in the sansa express. Sansa reads the card fine, the songs are there.

But when I take the microSD card out and plug it in my card to reader to add more songs it says that “Disk is not formated” and I need to format it to before I can use it!


That means that I have to erase everything off the card and readd all the songs.

The sansa express does something to the microSD; it makes it unreadable when I connect it to my pc?

Any fix for this?

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Are you truning off your Express before removing the SD card?

Just an FYI, there have been numerous issues with Kingston SD cards.

For the sake of compatibility, I always use SanDisk SD cards.

It is possible that your card reader is bad.

I’ve seen this happen plenty of times with card readers as well as USB hubs and cause the exact same message.

Try the card reader on another machine if possible.

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Yes I turn it off before removing card.

I tried it with two different card reader, no luck.

Ill try and use the reader on my other pc.


I found out the problem.

It was the **bleep** kingston brand.

Looks like sansa doesnt like kingstons.

I bought a transcend 4gb micro sdhc, and the problem is gone.

As a matter of fact, when I insert the chip in the sansa ,and plug in the sansa I also get a drive for the micro sd card (this didnt happen with the kingston), in other words this thing doubles as an sdhc reader.

But I had to format the chip with my other sdhc reader first.