does not show anything and could not format


I bought a sansa express 1 GB drive 2 months back in US (best buy) .  I have loaded the mp3 songs fully and playing the songs for the 3/4 times.  But Now when I start up  it showing the first screeon ‘SANDISK’ and then it goes off. 

Also, when I connect to Laptop, which is xp, it is recognising the drive and shows as D: drive, and when i double click the same,  it is showing the msg " do you want to format it". Then i clicked YES.  But it is says

" could not format" error.

Anybody how to format the same.

Sridhar K,


I was having the same problem. The player display also showed the logo the turned off after a few seconds. One of the threads suggested adding a memory card. I did that this morning and surprising the device turned on and I was able to format it in windows media player. I was also having problems playing protected WMA files. After reformatting, I received a message in WMP stating that the time on the device must be in sync with with the time on my computer. I synced the times and everything works.