I accedently formatted my sansa express 1gb in windows Xp and now it is not even switching on and when connected to pc it says “USB device not reognized”. I even tried Sansa firmware updater but it is not also detecting the player. Please help! how to install firmware!!

Did you format the internal memory?

Hey, my express was accidentally formatted and now it’s not playing. When i put it on it just says building database repeatedly. Tried updating the firmware but the updater failed. error #1005

There’s no way to switch between MSC as I can’t even get to the settings

any ideas?

In my case, I just had to wait.  If it still says building database: if you have an SDHC card in, take it out… then turn it on and give it 15 minutes - don’t worry when the screen goes blank, just tap the on button.  I had the same problem, it took a long while but it came back.