FM tuner will not play music

I have a 1 gb Sansa clip and over a short time I started losing FM stations.  The preset was still there, but just got static.  Sometimes if I turned it off and back on again I would get the station, sometimes it would be some other station, but now I only get static.  Anyone had this problem before?  Is tgeh tuner broke? Thanks, John

You should post in the clip forum.

Your headphone cable is the antenna.  Try moving it around.  Try different headphones.

If it worked correctly and then started not to, I’d say your tuner is indeed failing.

Maybe one of the tubes in the IF stage is failing.  OOps, that advice is 30 years out of date.  How about first having a look at the selected FM region.  Depending upon this setting, your FM radio will scan in 100 or 200 kHz steps, (odds or evens), 0.05 MHz steps outside the US region.

Next in line, try reorienting your antenna (the headphone cable).

Placing tin foil on your head probably won’t suffice as a booster antenna, so if the above suggestions do not help, the tuner may have a problem.   In this case, you can contact Support at 1-866-SanDisk,as the device has a one year warranty.


30 years? Try 40+! Must be those tiny surface-mount tubes just don’t hold up like the old pin-socket type! - LOL