won't play the radiio

Hi, my sansa clip zip won’t play fm radio all of a sudden.It will find the station, won’t acknowledge the call in letters, or list what song is playing.  I feel really dumb, but I really miss listening to it. Thanks

Did you presets somehow get erased, or can’t you tune into a station at all? If you cannopt get a station to tune in, remember the headphone cord acts as an antennae. Somtimes straightening it out and/or moving around will get better reception.

On other question though, did you recently update the firmware or reset the factory settings? You might have reset the FM region in the process to where it is not landing on the frequencies in your geographical location now.

Thank you.

The stations were tuning in, but not playing.  Very weird. Tried 3 different headsets and positions. 

I just tried it again - and now it works. ? Four days of fooling around and now it works. (reminds of taking the car to the mechanic).

If it does again, I will let you know.

I am convinced that the Clips come with built-in gremlins, who like playing games like that . . . .