FM Radio

I got my sansa clip about a week ago. I love it, but one thing that I noticed is that when i try tochange radio stations it only lets me do it .01 tune at a time.

my question is though, when i hold the right arrow button to make it go faster it will just start scrolling and not stop until it gets all the way over to like 88.1 or something. do your’s do that also, or did i get some kind of defected one?

Also did yours come with 4 pre loaded songs on it? mine did, so i am wondering if i got a used one or if this is how they all came?


the 4 songs preloaded on the Clip were loaded during manufacturing the Clip you have is not used.

as far as the FM radio. if you hold in the arrow button it will start a “scan” for radio stations. it should stop on the next station that has a strong signal. make sure you have headphones plugged in since they act like an antenna.