Firmware update problems

I have updated to V01.02.18A on an 8gb clip plus and I cannot format, or add any music or audiobooks.

Transfers from Overdrive only happen in MSC mode, and when checked on the clip are not there.

Any additions or subtraction when using windows 7 or the clip interface do not “stick”

Any suggestions??

What firmware is on there now?


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If the last firmware you were using was working fine for you, you might just want to re-apply and use that firmware.  A repository of firmwares can be found at the forum Clip threads, at the top.

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From what I understand, all one needs to do to change firmware is drag the desired version to the root of the directory after it is expanded from its zip file.

Tried this too and when I drag it to the root using windows 7, it renames the file to somthing strange.

I have not yet formated the device by using win 7, will wait until any other replies.

There are other strange behaviors that I’m still working through.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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If you can get to Settings/System Settings/USB try both MSC and MTP connections. One might work–the one you were using may have gotten switched during the update. 

Otherwise, nuke it. 

Try formatting the unit from its own Format command, under Settings/System settings.  It looks like you’ve already tried that, though.

In Settings/System Settings go to USB Mode and make it MSC. Then connect to Windows and format the unit to FAT32 if that’s not what comes up automatically. 

1.02.18 should be the right firmware.

Unzip it and send clppa.bin over (MSC Mode) to whatever driveletter the Clip comes up as.  Make sure the whole thing gets transferred.

When you disconnect it should show that it’s updating.  I use MSC mode, but if you’re using Overdrive it may work better in MTP. 

Thanks all for your responses!

Opened a case with tech support.

Last tried to format FAT32 in win7 in MSC and it took about 20 minutes and came up as couldn’t finish the format.

Again thanks to all!