Firmware Download Problems

Despite dozens of tries, I cannot find the reason why I’m unable to load the latest firmware version into my recently purchased 1 GB Clip (which came preloaded with V01.01.11A).  I’ve downloaded the file onto my desktop and unzipped it into a 5MB file that’s named Clip01.01.20a.  I then plug my Clip into a USB connector on my Vista system…leaving the Clip on or off when I plug it in seems to make no difference…and a window pops up asking me what I want to do with my SansaClip.  My Clip screen shows that there is a connection between it and the computer, looking exactly the way it does when I recharge the battery.  From the list in the pop-up window, I pick “open device to view files” and that opens another window with an icon of the Clip and, at the top, the words “Internal Memory.”  I then drag the file labeled "Clip01.01.20 from my desktop onto the window text “internal memory” and drop it there.  When the “ghost” of the Clip01 file enters the “Internal Memory” window, it picks up a tiny red circle with a diagonal slash and, after I drop the file nothing really seems to happen…no visible change takes place.  After several seconds pass, I pull the USB cord from the computer; the Clip screen is still flashing “Connected” and the Clip immediately reverts to an FM station.  After a few seconds, the screen goes black and stays that way.  When I power-up my Clip and check the Settings/System Info I find that the version is still V01.01.11A.  I’ve tried every variation of this procedure I can think of, including re-formatting the Clip, but nothing seems to make any difference.  Any suggestions that would get me on the right downloading track would be appreciated. 

Also, one other thing confuses me:  there’s a lot of talk on this board about changing USB settings on the Clip to and from MTB and MSC.  My clip doesn’t seem to have that option…under Settings I get no mention of the USB connection type whatsoever…is this something I should be concerned with?


First of all, the MSC USB option didn’t come along until '18. You are on '11.

You can’t drop it into the “Internal Memory” directly. Explore the Sansa Clip first (double click on it) so you see “DevIcon.fil” and some other folders. Then drop the m300a.bin file in there. Disconnect and it should go.

Or, if that won’t fly - you can try this (it’s been posted many many times here…)

Disconnect the USB cable
Turn OFF the Clip
Slide the power switch DOWN, to the “hold” position
Press and hold the center button
Plug the USB cable in
Wait until the Clip reads “connected” and the PC makes that “new hardware” sound
Release the center button

Now you are in forced MSC mode, and you should see a new drive letter called “SANSA CLIP” or more likely, “M300”. Drag-n-drop the firmware file onto this drive icon, wait until it’s done “writing”, then disconnect the USB cable. You should then see a message indicating the firmware is updating etc. and it will power down when done.

Next power up, it will be upgraded to '20 and you will have the AUTO / MTP / MSC USB option in the Settings menu.

About the radio problem, it should be corrected after the FW process as all user settings and power-off restore stuff is reset.

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You need to double click and “open” the internal memory.

Then then drag and drop the firmware file along side  the other folders.

Many thanks, Click; that did the job!  Appreciate your help.