Files on e280 but not visible on computer

I wanted to clean off everything on the e280 and start from scratch.  So, I connected it to the PC and deleted the files I had on there, mostly music.  I did NOT delete any of the main folders (i.e. Music, Video, etc.).  In Windows Explorer, there is nothing on the Sansa but the main folders.  However, when I look at the Sansa itself and open “Music”, it still shows all the titles I had out there.  BUT … if you try to play any of them they come up as “bad file”. 

Also, I tried going to the SanDisk site and updating the firmware (I have v1) but although the Sansa is showing up on my computer as a device, the updater says it can’t find it.

Running Vista Ultimate on PC, in case that makes a difference (but I also tried it on an XP machine)

In the player menu, go to Settings>Format. This will erase all user content on the player.

The reason you can’t see anything on the player in Windows Explorer is probably because the remaining files were copied in a different USB mode (of which there are two, MTP and MSC). Files copied in one mode are invisible to your PC when connected in the other mode.

Thanks Mate … between that and running a firmware update, it seems to have fixed the problem.  I do appreciate it.