Files NO LONGER play in order: both album tracks AND Overdrive Audio Books

I have an old 2GB clip and HAVE BEEN very happy with it.  Until recently it was well behaved.  I never looked for or used shuffle and happily play my “albums” (including audio books, of course) in the order they came in.

A few months ago my audiobooks (Overdrive) downloads weren’t playing the tracks in their order ANY LONGER.  Then I checked and noticed that my music albums were also playing their tracks in some random-like order.  Thus I assume that Overdrive and its software is not the culprit – the problem is in my Clip.

My clip was pristine (the settings had never been tinkered with) so last week  I downloaded the latest Sansa firmware (1.01.35 dated 3/15/10), but that didn’t make any difference to the nasty order problem.

Today I reformatted (that hurt, losing all the music and books I had in there), but reloading a known album the Clip is STILL playing the album’s tracks in some odd order.

Nothing is working.

What is to be done?

Any help is gratefully received!

go to settings— reset factory settings and see if that works ----if not call support—I just returned a clip to them, now I’m waiting on a replacement-- go to the manuel and see if it will help—


Thanks for your suggestion to “reset.”  Doing that has caused my music tracks to play in original order again!

Now it’s on to download an Overdrive book and see how that works.

I’ll report back when I have tested that.


Reset: it’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

@miikerman wrote:
Reset: it’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

so is a good hair-dresser while you’re a guest of the state!