Is there a solution yet for Audiobooks playing out of order?

I bought two SanDisk MP3 players yesterday - a Clip Jam and a Clip Sport. I have burned several hours trying to get the Audiobooks to play in order. I want to send this to my sister (age 73) to listen to audiobooks, but if they are playing out of order this is worthless to her.

I have tried renaming them, loading them one at a time, using MP3DirSort utility to reorder them.

NOTHING works. This is obviously NOT a new issue for these devices. Has a solution been released?

Hi @DJGray,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I have not, but I have learned SO much since posting this that I believe I have that part figured out. I have posted a new question, however. :wink:

Could you share how you figured it out? I am so frustrated with “Shuffle” My audiobooks all of a sudden began playing out of order.

Furpatt, as Bill Clinton said, “I feel your pain.” LOL!!

I didn’t solve everything, but I did find a much more intuitive tool for helping. It is a free download written by a German gentleman - MP3 Audiobook Tagger.

Fire that bad boy up, and drag your audio book into it.

The Key field in the tool is that “Track” field on the left, because THAT is the order the SanDisk player will play them in. Because my files were in subfolders “Disc 01, Disc 02,” etc, my Titles where Track01, Track01, Track01, etc because it sorted them by name from each subfolder and listed them in the tool in that order.

You have to get your files listed in the correct order. Ignor the “Track” field on the left until you have accomplished this. It’s tedious, but what I did was pull all my files out of the SubFolders and into the root folder. Then I renamed them one by one.

D1Track02 etc.
Then D2Track01 and so on.

Once that was done I “Cleared” the grid in the tagger app and reloaded my book. Now the files were listed in the correct playing order. With that done, you highlight the first row. The go up to the controls and click the icon on the right side of the “Track” field. Set the numer you want to start with and click Ok. It will renumber the entire book.

I suspect I could have done this subfolder by subfolder and just set that Start Number to be one greater than the last number of the previous folder. So if everything on Disc 01 numbered 1-46, I could load Disc 02 and tell it to start numbering at 47. That way I could just leave my files in the subfolders.

I hope this helps!

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Thank You! This will be my mission for Thursday. I do appreciate your response. I listen to my audiobooks while cleaning, cooking and driving long distances. Sad but true. I have completed several courses when I had access during my working life.

You’re welcome. Glad to help, my friend.