Audiobooks not playing in order

I am very frustrated. My audiobook files do not play in sequence.  I have checked my ID3 tags and am using version 2.3 (can’t tell if it’s the latin or not). Everything appears correct, but my files still do not play in order. I have tried using the ID3tag editior and still do not see any problems with the files. I converted the files from CD to MP3 with Windows Media Player. I have firmware version 1.17 installed. Can anybody tell me what I’m missing? I would really like my books to play in order!!

contact sandisk support. They will likely need some sample files to test with and if they can reproduce the issue they can report the it to the development team 

Hi. What could be the probability that this will need a firmware update?

I have this problem with some books, and the workaround I use is:

download Winamp and install

drag the book files to winamp

use the View File Info  ( Alt-3 or right click and select) to display the information

the Album will be used by clip sport as the main sort, top level directory

the Title is, I believe, the sorting mechanism for the order in which the tracks play

this was a little different in the previous sandisk player I had.  Experiment to be sure

good luck with it

In my experience the Clip Sport doesn’t sort numbers in a desired way. I therefore use the utility FATsort to sort the files in “natural order” and then the folder view in the player to access the content. The player itself sort the files in alphanumeric order which is kind of useless for many audiobooks. Some examples:

Natural order:




Alphanumeric order:




The Clip Sport use the Alphanumeric order in database view. Personally, I can’t come up with any examples of when this is desired for Audiobooks (which often contains of many small numbered files) but don’t expect this to change. The Clip+ and Clip Zip use the natural order though.