I download books using Overdrive. 

When a book transfers to the player, it shows the chapters in order, however, when I go to play the book on the clip sport the chapters are out of order. 

I went to the settings and in the music section it is set to not scramble, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on the audiobooks.

I have deleted the books and done a copy/paste from the computer.  They still show in order but replay they are scrambled.  I am getting rather frustrated.

Does anyone have an answer?



“They still show in order”

Do chapters show in track order when you list them in the audiobook subdirectory of your Clip Sport ? Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc…

Most of the time they don’t, because transfer from computer to memory card alters this order.

The file order you see on your computer (in Windows Explorer, for instance) when you list your Clip Sport audiobooks directories is not the real file order of the memory card. Explorer sort the files before displaying them.

The problem with the memory card is the FAT32.

FAT32 display file according to Timestamp (moment of creation). When you transfer a bulk of files from the computer you can’t master the file timestamp of each one.

Normally a firmware must have a sort routine to correct that. The Clip Sport applies it to the “Files” main directory but doesn’t for the audiobook main directory.

To restaure audiobooks track order on your Clip Sport you will have to work on the files timestamps. Or use some tricks.

OK then.  What kind of tricks.  I thought about renaming them 1, 2, 3, etc to see if they would show up in order.

I didn’t answer your first question.  Yes, they do sho in track order when I look in the subdirectory. 

Final reply.  I finally got the update to run and it fixed the problem. 

Thank you